Si Frumkin appeared on a number of TV and radio shows and has contributed articles to countless magazines and newspapers. Si Frumkin taught a number of college level courses on Eastern Europe, Jewish history, and the Middle East. In Los Angeles Si Frumkin worked closely with Zev Yaroslavsky who was SCCSJ executive director for 5 years and who headed the Calif. Students for Soviet Jews before being elected to L.A. City Council, and in 1995 to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.
Si Frumkin is currently the associate editor and columnist for the California-based Russian-language weekly 'Panorama', as well as a free-lance contributor to a number of national and international publications Si Frumkin founded the Southern California Council for Soviet Jews - an independent activist organization
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Welcome to Si Frumkin web site! Los Angeles Panorama. Si Frumkin lives now in Los Angeles Si Frumkin is a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews. Si Frumkin had been appointed to the L.A. City Human Relations Commission in 1993, and in 2002 to the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Board.
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  • MARCH 30, 2009 - I'M TIRED... BY ROBERT A. HALL - A painfully honest confession by a man who doesn't recognize the world that has emerged; THE POLAR BEAR LIE - BY TOM DeWEESE - A lie that is working is still only a lie; AND THE WINNER IS: THE GLORIOUS ACORN! - BY MICHELLE MALKIN. Their shirts are not brown - they are red. But they are just as dangerous and their numbers are growing while the government is putting millions into their budget; WE'LL PRY GLOBAL WARMING FROM THEIR COLD DEAD HEARTS BY DAN GAINOR - Yes, it's absurd and yes, it will be very expensive and probably screw up our economy but we will sing glorious songs as we march off the cliff with the rest of the Global Warming fanatics. A pity.
  • MARCH 9, 2009 - WHEN FRANCE WAS ISRAEL'S GREATEST FRIEND or MON NOM EST BOND. JACQUES FRANCOIS BOND! - A murky tale of spies, deception and other such stuff; A LETTER FROM PRISON - BY ANONYMOUS WITH REMARKS BY SI - Something very different and very moving; I AM THE SOLDIER WHO SLEPT IN YOUR HOME - BY YISHAY G., ISRAELI RESERVE SOLDIER - "You return to your home which remains is clear that someone was in your home while you were away. I am that someone..."
  • FEBRUARY 23, 2009 - THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY - A few thoughts on the stimulus - caution: not for economists! WE ARE ALL FASCISTS NOW, By Michael Ledeen. A different look at fascism - It ain't what we think it is; OUTREACH YES. APOLOGY NO! - By the always brilliant Charles Krauthammer - We more than respected them - we bled for them and got no respect or gratitude! OBAMA'S RHETORIC IS THE REAL 'CATASTROPHE'! By Bradley R. Schiller. Fearmongering is not really a good thing - things could be - and were - a lot worse.
  • FEBRUARY 9, 2009 - DEMOCRACY ANALYZED - Is democracy a good thing? Or is it bad? Well, according to some very respected authorities it is both; IRAN IS THE "MOTHER REGIME" OF HAMAS AND HEZBOLLAH. WILL ISRAEL GO IT ALONE? - It looks like Netanyahu will be elected to be Israel's Prime Minister on February 10. Here is an exclusive interview in what he thinks and what he intends to do; WELCOME PRESIDENT OBAMA! - An unusually mellow piece on President Obama's inauguration by a usually much more abrasive former lefty and currently passionately conservative David Horowitz; CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA! - Disillusionment, anger, disappointment and more from a major British newspaper on Obama's victory.
  • JANUARY 19, 2009 - THE SECRET MONEY IN YOUR WALLET - There are billions that are pouring into your wallet already but no one pays any attention to it. If the stimulus idea is worthwhile - then why is this stimulus a secret? Hint: are you paying less to fill your gas tank than you did a month or two ago? MY DEATH SENTENCE - The Americans commuted my death sentence but the Europeans and others are trying to restore it. I am worried! THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT GLORIOUS CARBON DIOXIDE - CO2 is probably the most maligned substance there is - the ignoramuses blame it for everything that is wrong with our atmosphere, climate and pollution. In fact, it is a wonderful and useful gas that is responsible for all that grows on our planet; ZIMBABWE IS DYING - A graphic account of a tragedy that has turned a wealthy and prosperous country - Rhodesia - into a living hell! Are the people better off now that it is Zimbabwe? I think not. And why doesn't anyone care?
  • JANUARY 12, 2009 - VICTORIOUS CHICKENS AND DEFEATED "M" WORD - California liked chickens more than Obama but the gay community was upset at the defeat of Prop. 8 - single sex marriage. There were demonstrations at Mormon temples and boycotts of supporters of Prop.8 but no boycotts of black businesses and athletic events. Here is a possible explanation; BUSH IS A READER - This is sure to surprise you - it did me. Who would have thought, the "ignoramus from Texas", "the retarded illiterate" (actual quotes from what you get at Google when you type in "Bush reads") reads more avidly than most of us and not just detective stories. A good lesson on not to believe what the media hacks tell us all! ; GLOBAL WARMING FREEZE? - A scientist (yes, a real scientist!) talks about the cooling temperatures worldwide. And, by the way, did you notice that there is no more term "global warming" in the media? It is now referred to as "climate change"! Could "nuclear winter" be coming back from obscurity?; ISRAEL'S RESPONSE IS DISPROPORTIONATE! - I agree with everything Jonathan Mark has written. Yes, it is disproportionate!
  • DECEMBER 29, 2008 - A BICYCLE IN AMERICA'S FUTURE? - Should we give more money to the big three so that they don't take the ball and go home with it? We didn't give any money to Hudson, Packard, Kaiser, Frazer, Willys-Overland, Studebaker, Nash and a dozen more failed auto manufacturers, but somehow other cars kept being made, sold and driven. How did we manage? And what about all of the typewriter, VHS and recording tape, cash register, fax machine, carbon paper and reel-to-reel and phonograph manufacturers? And the hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs when Prohibition closed down alcohol sales? How did we survive their disappearance without taxpayer money? Hmm? JEWS GET KILLED BUT MUSLIMS FEEL VULNERABLE - By Mark Steyn - Muslims in Europe are worried and are uncomfortable by the reaction of he world to Islamic terror. Should we apologize for being upset by Mumbai? REFUSENIK THE MOVIE! A SHAMELESS PLUG FOR A DOCUMENTARY YOU SHOULD GET, GIVE IT TO YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN AND SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT HAD BEEN DONE NOT SO LONG AGO TO BRING JEWS OUT OF EXILE - I know, I know, we already have the Passover story and we celebrate it every year, but this is uncannily similar - I bet there will be a Haggada written about this Exodus as well; FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION - Victor Davis Hanson, A proud and sensible lesson from a distinguished historian and proud America. Read it - you will feel better!
  • DECEMBER 15, 2008 - THE GOOD NOOSE AND THE BAD NOOSE - Some hangings are more politically correct than others; WHAT COSTS ALMOST $2 MILLION, WEIGHS 30 TONS, STANDS 33 FEET HIGH AND IS MADE IN ISRAEL? - Hint#1: it isn't a weapon, doesn't save lives but you might break your leg because of it if you aren't careful; hint #2 - it is like selling sand to Saudi Arabia; POSTCARD FROM ISRAEL - Tomorrow's future - a report on the first ever young adults conference; PACIFICCORP AGREES TO REMOVE DAMS or THE QUADRUPLET IS STILL MISSING! - Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and if you don't have water, well, get over it...
  • NOVEMBER 24, 2008 - WHEN MOSES WAS IN EGYPT LAND... - How do you find a black pastore and his flock at an Israel flag raising ceremony?; RISING AMBITIONS - SINKING POPULATIONS - A 20-year old man's odds in Russia today has less than 50% chance of making it to the age of 65. By contrast, five out of six American men can expect to reach their 65th birthday, and the chances are even better in Japan and most of Western Europe. Is it vodka? A Zionist plot? A Divine curse?; OBAMA'S CAR PUZZLE - Will Detroit survive? Will it be forced to produce planned cars under a 5-year plan imposed by Congress - dull, inefficient, slow, one color fits all - just like the government designed and mandated Soviet, East German and Yugoslav atrocities? Or will there be a takeover by efficient capitalists (foreign? domestic?) who will manage to produce a good product without tax payer subsidies?; McCAIN, OBAMA AND TAXES - Who pays what to whom and how? A useful primer for all of us ignoramuses on the one subject that everyone has an opinion on.
  • NOVEMBER 10, 2008 - DEJA VU 68 YEARS AGO - Childhood memories revived again as the Russian soldiers march in; ENOUGH ALREADY! Analysis by a former Soviet citizen who can explain media bias; MEMO FROM LONDON: DEAR PRUDENCE! Not a commentary, just a straight forward news report on how the Brits are coping - or not coping - with the economic crisis; HOW TAXES WORK! - An excellent lesson for those of us - and I am among them - who don't really understand how taxation works and may be surprised at the simplicity of it all.
  • OCTOBER 27, 2008 - ANOTHER CHARITY PUZZLE? - Why are politicians so cheap and become even more tightfisted when they aren't running for office. See for yourself the disgusting facts - names are named, donations are compared and shame and derision are felt (not by them - by the rest of us); THE INEXPRIENCED PRESIDENT - Some of our presidents were uneducated, inexperienced, physically impaired and bad businessmen. Thank God for them!; WILL RUSSIA GET AWAY WITH THIS? - Yes, says Willam Kristol (not the talented Billy Cristal whom I love for his talent and despise for his politics) who doesn't have much hope and respect for Russia and its compadres; FORGETTING THE EVILS OF COMMUNISM - Jonah Goldberg mourns the passing of two giant figures of the 20th century who hadn't forgotten and asked us not to forget. A fit reminder at a time when communal memories do not last long enough to teach historical lessons that may well be repeated.
  • OCTOBER 13, 2008 - THE MISSING QUADRUPLET - This family is incomplete, one sibling is missing but no one seems to care...; THE GREEN BUBBLE BURSTS - An interesting point of view from two very green and vey brave environmentalists who are here committing sacrilege by contradicting the Church of St. Al Gore; REQUIEM FOR A RAT - And for something completely different: the deeply buried super-classified secret of the Israeli army and its loss of its bravest of the brave commanders; DON'T GIVE UP ON THE BULLS YET - At a pessimistic time a ray of sunshine and optimism. Enjoy it! It is indeed possible that things are not as bad as they seem.
  • September 29, 2008 - THE SECRET ACADEMY THAT ISN'T - A true report on a real entity that should be secret but sees no reason to hide. It subverts and infiltrates foreign countries, including the U.S. - with a foothold in California and elsewhere. It apparently has unlimited control of the Russian government, it was created by Putin before he became president and most important Russian political and military figures are its proud members. - TAXES - REAL AND IMAGINARY - An analysis and a comparison of the taxes that are proposed by the two presidential candidates. If you are like most of us - confused by the promises and B.S. of the campaigns, take a few minutes to look at this.
  • August 18, 2008 - WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS... - By your friends ye shall be known...; A BLACK CONSERVATIVES LAMENT by Larry Elder. Correspondence with a black friend on victimhood and related sad issues; OBAMA'S NAIVE BERLIN SPEECH by Dennis Prager. Was it naivete, sincere ignorance or calculated deception? Either way it is tragic; DRILLING AND BLISSFUL IGNORANCE by Charles Krauthammer. If we don't drill, will it help our environment and "save the planet"? Would we rather there was drilling in Kuwait, Nigeria or Sudan since they apparently are much more environmentally aware than we are? Yes, I am only kidding but Nancy Pelosi isn't.
  • August 4, 2008 - GRATEFULLY YOURS, GEORGE W. BUSH - A letter that President Bush might send to Senator Obama if he had better manners. Or maybe W still doesn't realize that his legacy is safe in Barack's hands (unless he will be too busy creating the Department of Tire Inflation Enforcement that will solve our energy crisis once and for all...; THE BARNETT SHALE - A fascinating editorial from the New York Sun about a giant reservoir of energy that has been discovered in Texas, right under the Dallas metropolitan area, where millions of barrels will be obtained without bothering the people who live above it - not as sensitive as caribou or polar bears, I guess; ANTI-SEMITISM WITHOUT ANTI-SEMITES - A speech delivered by a German (Jewish) scholar and writer who accuses German liberals - including members of the Parliament and educators - of preaching Jew hatred under the cover of anti-Israeli policies. Does this sound similar to what is happening here?
  • July 21, 2008 - THE STINKY ROSE - by Si Frumkin - Zimbabwe, the country formerly known as Rhodesia and the "Bread basket of Africa" is starving. It has the highest inflation in the world and can no longer buy paper to print the billion dollar money notes. But, at the U.N. China and Russia have vetoed sanctions against Zimbabwe - South Africa, Vietnam and Lybia voted against sanctions as well. A quick primer on Zimbabwe - read it soon - pretty soon there will be nothing left there except corpses. Once again the facts are these: if the U.S. doesn't do anything about oppression, genocide, murder of innocents and monsters ruling a nation, NO ONE WILL DO IT! ; A WORLD WITHOUT CHILDREN, by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe - Europe's population is shrinking and soon there will only be the Muslims left to live in the ruins of civilizations; OBAMA'S MONEY CLASS, David Brooks, NY Times - He claims that it is the "little" people who give him money but the truth is elsewhere - most of it comes from financiers and big money elites; AT THIS RESTAURANT THE TAXPAYERS ARE COOKED, Ed Feulner, Townhall, 6/10/08 - Maxine Waters, a California congresswoman has suggested that the oil companies should be nationalized and run by the government. The government is losing millions running the restaurant (not a cheap one) at the U.S. Senate - will you trust the government to run our energy supplies?
  • July 7, 2008 - A SPECIAL 3 X "E" ISSUE: ENERGY, ENIVRONMENT, ECOLOGY! - DO IT AT NIGHT! - Avoiding power blackouts simply and profitably; THE TIMBER GENOCIDE - Stop murdering trees - and the Sunday paper has much of the blame; RESETTING THE EARTH'S THERMOSTAT - Put sulphur in the atmosphere and iron in the oceans, just like the volcanoes and enjoy a cool earth; FIVE SALUTES: To the Beverly Hillbillies, the Alaskan moose, two dunces, ANWR, the Cuban sea shores. What do you get? Five Ramirez masterpieces about the energy crisis. (What is it about "DRILL, DRILL, DRILL" that you don't understand?)
  • June 23, 2008 - PRIDE, SHAME AND BLAME - I believe that the only ethnicity in the U.S. that honors, respects and re-elects its crooks and evil doers is the black one. But lately, there are signs of change, or are there?; PEACE WITH FRIENDS by Caroline Glick - An unusual look at who may be the best friend and ally of Israel in the future. Her previous record is excellent - her predictions do come true, but is this too far off the wall? ; ENVIRONMENTALISTS' WILD PREDICTIONS By Walter E. Williams - Here is a list of previous forecasts of global catastrophes by respected scientists - including Al Gore's favorite - that have just one thing in common: they were all wrong! But being a scientific panic monger means never having to say that you're sorry - and it also means government grants, publicity and even Nobel Prizes.
  • June 6, 2008 - NON-EXISTENT MYTHICAL OIL PROBLEM. - Really!! - A thorough analysis based on available facts that proves the existence of oil reserves that will last for decades and can be accessed almost immediately and even greater oil that can be produced from shale, rock and coal - enough for centuries if only our Congress allows it! - THROWING STONES AT HAGEE By Joel Mowbray, Washington Times, 5/15/08 - A FEW INTERESTING TRIVIA FACTS - A change of pace from the usual material; A GAFFE, AN ABSURDITY, A POLICY The usual wise and witty expose by Charles Krauthammer, 5/23/08.
  • May 26, 2008 - A SELDOM MENTIONED CAUSE OF MUSLIM BACKWARDNESS - It isn't the women's fault - quite the contrary, says Professor Lewis. ANTISEMITISM AMONG MUSLIM YOUTH IN AUSTRALIA - A fascinating b- but not surprising analysis by a left-wing high school teacher. THE G.O.P. AND RACE - Thomas Sowell examines the Republican party's policy on race and wonders at the way African-Americans eagerly forgive and ignore all the harm done by the Democrats.
  • May 14, 2008 - SUICIDE, PROSTITUTION AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION - The suicides in Guantanamo show the need for full compliance with the constitutional right to abortion and porno movies - STILL FEEDING THE WORLD - The blessing of bio foods and fertilizers and the stupidity of rejecting them - OUTLAWING THE PIG! A defense of the persecuted pig that is the victim of political correctness - an unexpected defense of a non-kosher and forbidden animal by a Jewish writer - GOLAN HEIGHTS - A TANGIBLE BENEFIT FROM A U.S. PRESIDENT - Going back to December 1981 and a forgotten promise by our 38th President (don't start counting your fingers - it was Gerald Ford) that was discovered in an old cartoon.
  • April 28, 2008 - MY OSCAR (MAYBE?) IN 2008 - Dreaming? Fantasy? Well, maybe. And then, maybe not. It's a good film and I hope you'll go to see it and if you are an Academy member - vote for it! See you in the movies! THE CLINTONS' TERROR PARDONS - It takes up all three pages but it is worth reading. I bet you didn't know about it- at least in such detail (I know I didn't) and I believe that more people should know the shame and the corruption of that White House.
  • April 14, 2008 - MAYBE BRIBING IS BETTER (AND FASTER) - In Russia the judge wouldn't dream of asking if court could be held on Passover; HOW I SPENT 3 WEEKS ON AN ARMY BASE - PART 4 Amazing, fifteen years later the article I wrote then applies to today - the same enemies, the same despair, the same problems, the same advice; MY GUN DIDN'T DO IT - I DID! How I lost a friend, saved a few lives (well, maybe only a broken bone or two) and became an even greater admirer of Charlton Heston; WELCOME TO THE RIGHT, MR. MAMET! Another soul saved, another liberal becomes conservative and joins Hitchens, Prager, Heston, Reagan, Horowitz and yes, Frumkin, in that select circle of people who decided to grow up and brave unforgiving liberal wrath.
  • March 31, 2008 - OBAMA'S BLACK MAGIC - How a magically great orator can make the obvious invisible; HOW I SPENT THREE WEEKS AT AN ARMY BASE or HOW I DIDN'T GET TOBE THE ISRAELI KILROY - The shower head I stole and donated to the army and the tank I didn't autograph; THE REAL WORLD THREAT: CLIMATE ALARMISTS! By Czech President Vaclav Klaus who is much smarter than our almost President Gore (and I agree with Klaus' diagnosis of Gore - see the picture); ISRAEL'S DISPROPORTIONATE RESPONSE - An editorial from the New York Sun about the terrible Israeli response to the barrage of rockets and suicide bombers: trucks of bananas, cocoa, sugar and milk. Why is Israel so unspeakably cruel? Have they no shame?
  • March 17, 2008 - WHY JEWS DON'T LOOK LIKE ARAFAT? - We are all mongrels - I looked more Aryan than Hitler, Goering and Goebbels with my blue eyes and wavy blond hair; HOW I SPENT 3 WEEKS AT AN ARMY BASE or SECRET, SHMEECRET, AS LONG AS YOU ARE CUTE! - Part 2 - So where were we going and is the Israeli army really a resort?; INCONVENIENT FACTS AND DESPICABLE LIES - Amazing statistics I didn't want to believe until I checked them; OBAMA: ARAB-AMERICAN FAMILIES BEING ROUNDED UP! - Shameful if it were true, but it isn't.
  • March 4, 2008 - CAIR-LESS? YES INDEED, BY MORE THAN 90%! - C.A.I.R. has shrunk to nothingness but the media still respect it; THREE WEEKS IN ISRAEL 15 YEARS AGO - PART 1 - Digging through the archives and revisiting an old friend who knew the Israeli colonel who ruled our base; PUTIN'S TORTURE COLONIES - The new Czar Vladimir is maintaining the old Russian tradition.
  • February 18, 2008 - 12 SUGGESTIONS - The way to get to the White House is to find what the overwhelming majority of Americans support; "EVERYONE WANTS TO BE JAMES BOND BUT I AM THE REAL JAMES BOND..." - True confessions of the spy who ran the Russian spying machine in the U.S, since the Soviet Union collapsed; A MODEST PROPOSAL FOR MIDDLE EAST PEACE - A perceptive and ironic look at world's hypocrisy by a major historian, Victor Davis Hanson; WHO'S MAKING THESE NAZI-LIKE STATEMENTS? - A quiz you probably failed, by David Horowitz.
  • February 4, 2008 - THE UNHOLY TRINITY - Faster! Higher! More regrettable! The Olympics in Berlin, Moscow and Beijing; SEEING THE WORLD AS IT IS - Fouad Ajami, "Do they really, really hate us? I don't think so..."; THE GREAT EMINENT DOMAIN CASE YOU NEVER HEARD OF - Law professor Gideon Kenner - A witty and wise essay that reads much faster and more interesting than you'd think from the title. Don't miss it - there'll be a written quiz Wednesday!; ARE THE POOR GETTING POORER? - by professor Walter Williams who knows what he is talking about and tells it like it really is.
  • January 21, 2008 - IS IT A DEBATE IF ONLY ONE SIDE IS HEARD? - IS IT A DEBATE IF ONLY ONE SIDE IS HEARD? What if a hundred most distinguished scientists wrote a letter to the U.N.Secretary-General and it was ignored by everybody? THE VIRTUES OF ATMOSPHERIC CARBON DIOXIDE - A intimidating title of a very readable, amusing and researched article by three eminent men of science; BEARING UP! By Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska - Do you have sympathy for polar bears? You are not alone - the governor wants to talk to you!
  • January 10, 2008 - THE MYSTERIOUS MISPLACED BILLIONS - Where did they go? Who stole them? And why doesn't anyone care and no one is punished?
    * SECULAR EUROPE OR RELIGIOUS AMERICA? - Dennis Prager argues with Roger Cohen of the New York Times about religion's importance and influence
    * BY THE NUMBERS - The always brilliant Mark Steyn talks about the season when a "homeless child" is celebrated but there are very few children born in Europe and guess what, America is blamed! And also emissions, emissions, emissions (but not really ours)
    * 20 YEARS OF THE MONTREAL PROTOCOLS - A scientific study of the ban on the chemical gas that made air conditioning function and was this really necessary? A lot of scientists think that it wasn't but what do they know, right?
  • December 24, 2007 - STRANGELY IGNORED CONSEQUENCE - The controversy on the NIE report on Iranian nuclear weapons program ignores its obvious cause; SADDAM'S DAMN DAM - A disaster that will be blamed on America; THE SURRENDER DIDN'T HELP - Sherlock Holmes saw it but Watson and Ehud Olmert didn't; A SECOND LOOK AT ROMNEY - Is he the candidate we never get?
  • December 10, 2007 - TWO QUESTIONS AND ONE PREDICTION - The youth bulge strikes again; THANKS, AMERICA! - Praise of America by a talented immigrant, Mark Steyn; WHAT KIND OF WAR ARE WE FIGHTING? - By John Bolton, the man I would like to be our President.
  • November 26, 2007 - WHO IS MISCHKA KUKIN AND WHY DOES IT MATTER - His name isn't Kukin - you probably know his real name and never suspected that he wrote what he did; ANOTHER LETTER THE L.A. TIMES WILL NOT PUBLISH - This is a complimentary letter but they won't publish it anyway - they actually ran a story complimenting the police!; AMERICA'S STRATEGIES FOR VICTORY AND DEFEAT - A compelling analysis on what we are doing wrong and a comment by Machiavelli why this is so.
  • November 12, 2007 - A TEMPEST IN A CHINATOWN TEAPOT (and an apology to the L.A. Times); TOUGH, SAD AND SMART - Bill Cosby and Dr. Alvin Poussaint, an odd couple taking on the black establishment; SHOCKING: SCIENTIST COMMITS HERESY - Not all global warming deniers are lackeys of capitalist exploiters; A DECENT OUTCOME FOR IRAQ - A professor who is wise, a Shiite, a Lebanese Arab and a great human being speaks of Iraq.
  • October 29, 2007 - Did you really see Elvis riding a blue whale off Malibu? Do you have a problem with Ann Coulter and why? Finally - and unusually for Graffiti - two pages of cartoons you will not see in the L.A. Times.Take a look - they are clever and funny...
  • October 15, 2007 - Is popular opinion really the voice of God?; Burt doesn't doubt his conservatism and loves dogs; A former U.S. Secretary of State - and a good guy - speaks about Israel; Another great article by professor Hanson. 
  • September 18, 2007 - Prophetic Pyramids, The Peace Racket, The Important Mitzvah of Pydion Shvuyim
  • September 4, 2007 - OPEN LETTER TO GEORGE CLOONEY: You mean well and you have collected a lot of money for Darfur, but who is checking it and where is it going? And wouldn't force be of greater use than dollars when dealing with murderers? ;  THEY WANT US TO RUN AGAIN: We ran leaving our friends behind and most of us were proud. Should we do it again? ; MISINTERPRETING THE MIDEAST: An article by the former Chief of Staff of Israeli army who tells it like it is, and a map that you may want to copy and give to your friends - and enemies; WHO'S BLACK ENOUGH?: A black playwright who may not be black enough. His article was reproduced on a black website - and, surprise, surprise - even our own very politically correct L.A. Times. May be there is still hope...
  • August 20, 2007 - SOME EMPIRE WE ARE... - inspired by a stand-up comedian; WE'RE STILL THE WORLD'S CAPED CRUSADER - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman flying home after saving a bunch of strangers?; EXPOSURE: OUT OF FOCUS - Blurry, under-exposed, over-exposed, sloppily reported but proudly unapologetic!
  • August 6, 2007 - CONTINENT OF LOSERS - PART II, The chicken and egg conundrum - what came first, violence or ideology? - and "My Three Watches" - an unexpected present from the past followed by "Avoiding the M-Word" - what is it?
  • July 16, 2007 - LOST CONTINENT, PART 1 - THE YOUTH BULGE - An intriguing explanation of the terror and violence epidemics through the ages; THE BAD, BAD FOUNDING FATHERS - we never really liked them; and LETTER FROM A GEORGIAN PRISON - our Georgia, not the one in the Caucasus, from a man who transcribes Braille books and has been dreaming for decades.
  • June 25, 2007 - WHEN THE NAZI FLAG FLEW IN COMMUNIST MOSCOW; HOW DARE THEY! - Arafat's stolen treasure (It should have been Carter's); ENGLAND WONDERS: what if Israel took a BBC hostage?; RESURRECTION! Quick, the wooden stake! The Evil Empire is coming back to life!
  • June 11, 2007 - MYTHS, LEGENDS AND REALITY - Immigration myths - past and present; LET AFRICA SINK - a very unusual thought provoking suggestion on how to deal with Africa; THE GREAT CIRCLE OF ENMITY - is imposed democracy possible or even desirable by our "friends"?
  • May 2007 - SPECIAL ISSUE ON GLOBAL WARMING (WARNIBNG: VERY POLITICALLY INCORRECT) A reprint of an article and a plea by an impassioned independent and courageous major scientist whose views are shared by tens of thousands of other scientists.
  • May 7, 2007 - CORPORATIONS WE LOVE TO HATE - Investing in pharmaceuticals for fun and no profit; WMDs - lost and (maybe) found; checkmate for chess champ; cartoons - a matter of taste (I like them, the L.A. Times doesn't).
  • April 23, 2007 - OCCUPATION? OPPRESSION? LOOK AGAIN! - The nonsense that has to be exposed again and again proves that Einstein was right; The Red Crystal and the 15 Brits; By now Condi probably agrees with Einstein (see front page article)
  • April 04, 2007 - THE FEAR WE HAVE TO FEAR - All about the horrors that aren't; a critique of Israeli kvetching (a feeling abbreviated as "Oy!"); the fecal tsunami - dejavu for Passover?; similar crimes but very different - and very unfair - consequences.
  • March 26, 2007 - WILL THE QUEEN WEAR A VEIL AND A HIJAB? - Muslims take London; Israel should outsource its government, says Friedman; Immigration myths you probably believe; What's Arabic for Hutzpah?
  • March 12, 2007 - BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY, ISRAEL? - A question that's being asked and the need to get rid of our prejudices to save Israel.Also, KIM'S KOREAN BILLIONS - all you need to know about the very rich monster thug.
  • February 26, 2007 - FORGIVE ME, COMRADE LENIN!; GLOBAL COOLING COSTS TOO MUCH; THE QUESTION NOT ASKED AND THE LOUSE THAT ROARED - From armor plate for our tanks that Russia will control, to Putin's chutzpah and global cooling, and liberal ideas in between.
  • February 12, 2007 - TYRAN-A-SOROS. Madness of King George. RIGHT ON: In Praise of Christian Zionists. Jeffersons's Quaran.
  • January 30, 2007, Special Winter Issue - RELIGION OF WHAT? by Miss Yashiko Sagamori A response to a letter from an Indonesian Muslim, and amazing revelations of dirty money in Jimmy Carter's pocket, $10 MILLION, $15 MILLION - IT AIN'T PEANUTS by Alan Dershowitz.
  • January 8, 2007 - GOT MILK?
    The Deadly Cows; Are Russian Nazis in Danger?; Middle East Verities According to Friedman; and finally, Truth About the Filthy Rich Middle Class.
  • December 26, 2006 - TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB? MAYBE LATER...
    - Everyone is aware of the problem but no one seems to know what to do - and history is repeating itself again. But what you should do is look at this issue's page 4 and do something about that right away. Please, please, before it is too late...
  • December 4, 2006 - NO MOSQUE AND NO RIOTS! WHY? - Iran mysteries revealed; lynching Pollard; Op-Eds vs. bullets.
  • November 20, 2006 - MEATLOAF AND LEMON COFFEE - The eating season is upon us!
  • November 2006 - THE DOOMSAYERS' FRIGHTFUL VISION IS FRIGHTFULLY WRONG, Special issue - Fall 2006.
  • October 30, 2006 - HOW DO YOU TALK WITH A RUSSIAN ROOSTER? - Do foreign animals speak with an accent?
  • October 16, 2006 - REASONING WITH ROBOTS - An impossible dialogue
  • September 25, 2006 - THE UNWELCOME PARTNER - Why is Europe so nice to Iran? Written 10 years ago-true today!
  • September 11, 2006 WHOM DO YOU CALL IF YOU’RE IN TROUBLE? America – world’s policeman?; Arabs in W.W.II; Excessive federal salaries?; The enemy loves death.
  • August 28, 2006 – SO WHY HAVEN’T YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS? Christians invade Washington; Falwell in my foxhole; Swastika and the scimitar; Hezbollah and Warren Buffet.
  • August 14 , 2006 – THEY’LL NEVER BELIEVE IT – AND THAT’S GOOD! Truth is our secret weapon; remarkable Arab editorial; Why hatred in Middle East?; Why Jews hate Bush?
  • July 31, 2006 – CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Harvard is easy; If Protocols were real?; Bismarck – a role model for dictators; Bush’s inarticulate explanations.
  • July 17, 2006 – MURDERS IN NEW YORK – Intriguing murder stats; Mike Wallace has a problem; Again with the climate change!; White House response – a joke?
  • July 3, 2006 – WANNA BUY A HOMEMADE AUTOMOBILE? The cute rockets; Babies: the secret weapon; Are you afraid of the climate?; Not angry at son’s murderer.
  • June 19, 2006 – THE COOLING, THE WARMING, THE DEADLY POISON IVY!!! The not so hot warming; The bear is still growling; World prosperity is real; Bush’s history: A+
  • June 05, 2006 – THREE HATS AND A BONUS – Si’s 3 hats and a pretty lady; Not very protected Jews; No red flags for Soviet immigrants; Cable a la carte!
  • May 22, 2006 – DO MALNUTRITION AND BAD WATER CAUSE AIDS? Diagnosing AIDS; How to bomb Iran; How the Evangelicals really feel – interview with Rev. John Hagee.
  • May 8, 2006 – THREE STOOGES GO TO IRAQ – Stubborn, rude and stupid; Jordan option for peace; Freedom better than slavery?; A Muslim loves the Wall.
  • SPECIAL ISSUE - Spring 2006 – WAR AND PEACE TODAY – A brilliant analysis by Yashiko Sagamori.
  • April 17, 2006 – SECRET LEICA FREEDOM TRAIN – The saving photo mogul; Another look at the Oscars; Who really controls America?; The real Passover story by BBC and NYT.
  • April 3, 2006 – GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS IN DARFUR – The French soldiers are resting; Genocide goes on; U.N. is thinking about it; Genocide-shmenocide!!
  • March 20, 2006 – THE TRUTH-TELLER LIED – Upton Sinclair tells all; The long war; Conservatives agree with Dershowitz!; First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.
  • March 05 , 2006 – DEMOCRACY IS WONDERFUL – Or maybe not; Clash or crash of civilizations?; Europe takes a nap; Hamas misquoted on peace.
  • February 20, 2006 – CONRAD AND L.A. TIMES REVISITED – Column and Pulitzer winning cartoons from 6 years ago and the 12 Danish cartoons; U.S. gutless media.
  • February 06, 2006 – WHY DID IT CHANGE? – The movie that puzzled my wife; They kill their own families; Gaza is a mess; Katrina hurricane racist?
  • January 23, 2006 – HISTORICAL MYSTERIES – So what did he die of?; Is W.W. IV here?; The missing Israeli soldiers; The real race: China vs. India.
  • January 09, 2006 - NOBLESSE OBLIGE!  - How to become an American aristocrat.

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